Moving Tips


Fragile and valuable items should be packed in clearly identified boxes and placed in the corner of the room. Adding Red tape around the boxes helps distinguish the fragile boxes. Indicate these boxes to your movers.


Use moving boxes whenever possible. Your move can take longer than the estimate if you use too many small boxes.


All Boxes should be taped top and bottom. Make sure boxes are not too heavy to prevent the bottom of the box to break open.


Mark all your boxes clearly, identifying which room or location the boxes and furnishings are to be placed in your new home. Box identification will make for a more efficient and cost-effective move. Color stickers are ideal for this purpose.


All pictures, mirrors, marble and glass tabletops, lamps and lamp shades should be carefully packed and labeled. If you would like SHUR-WAY MOVERS to pack these items for you, please let us know in advance so we can complete this important job the day before your move.


All furniture should be emptied before the movers arrive. This will prevent any furniture from being damaged and will prevent any items from getting lost.


Disassemble pressed wood furniture as covered under our Customer Protection Plan.


Disconnect all TVs, stereos, washers and dryers, refrigerators, freezers, water lines, etc. before your move. SHUR-WAY MOVERS can arrange for disconnection to be done before a move.


Empty coals and ashes from your barbecue grill. Also drain fuel from gas containers, lawnmowers, snow blowers, edge trimmers, etc.


Special consideration for aerosol cans, matches, liquids or other flammables. SHUR-WAY MOVERS is not able to move these items. This applies to local and long distance moves.


Someone should be at your new home with a floor plan showing where furniture and boxes should be placed. Planning and coordination will help expedite your move and reduce the possibility of additional cost.


Hallways and walkways should be left clear so SHUR-WAY MOVERS can have free access to your house. SHUR-WAY MOVERS will provide rug runners as extra protection to cover hardwood floors and carpeted areas.


Clear all sidewalks and driveways of snow and ice before SHUR-WAY MOVERS arrive. We recommend a light layer of ice melt the morning of a move.


Let our Moving Coordinators know in advance of any change in plan. Advance notice will allow us to make adjustments without undue inconvenience or cost to you.


Remove all items from your attic, rafters and crawl space before move day. Liability issues prevent us from entering and removing items from these spaces.


Young children and pets should not be at home on the day of your move if possible. Please discuss with your estimator.