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Checklist for a Successful Move

  1. Long distance moves are based directly off of the weight of the shipment. We will weigh the truck prior to loading and weigh the truck again after the truck is loaded. The difference between the weights will be your final weight. When given an estimate on local moves, please, understand that it does not reflect a guaranteed price. You’re responsible only for actual costs incurred at the time of your move, which can take more or less time than what we estimate. A special note: We cannot guarantee local moves. The more organized you are on a local move, the faster the day will go.
  2. Shur-Way cannot be responsible for any breakage inside boxes that you pack. An obvious exception is a box that had been damaged in your move.
  3. Please let your estimator know what type of bed you have. A pillow top mattress, Tempurpedic, select comfort bed or some other type. Each bed is handled a little differently; our movers would like to be prepared with the necessary equipment when they arrive.
  4. Shur-Way cannot be responsible for pianos going out of tune and clocks needing to be adjusted. Shur-Way can handle any piano to be moved, to include: spinet, upright, baby grand, grand and concert grand. Grandmother and grandfather clocks need to be prepared for transit, whether you are moving across the street or across the country. Shur-Way will arrange for your clock to be professionally serviced at origin and destination.
  5. We will provide rug runners as an extra precaution for your floors. We will cover the floors at both locations with runners. The runners will cover the hallways and foyer area and into each bedroom. However, if your new house does not have driveways or sidewalks, please be sure to use plastic floor covers for the areas we do not cover. We cannot be responsible for tracking mud and dirt inside your house unless plastic floor covers are in place.
  6. Shur-Way cannot be responsible for any damage to furniture and belongings moved by a family member into our trucks during moving day. Further, we cannot be responsible for any personal injury sustained by a family member who wishes to assist us with your move.
  7. Valuation, whether it’s full coverage or the minimum amount, does not cover owner-packed boxes. In addition, valuation does not cover electrical items (TVs, stereos, DVD players, washers and dryers, refrigerators, freezers, etc.) that are not in working order after the move. Flat Panel TVs must be packed for Shur-Way to move. It is always good to keep original boxes from the store for flat panel TVs.
  8. On a local as well as a long distance move, it is very important that you let Shur-Way know if they can get a truck close to your new residence. If Shur-Way is not informed of this, you may incur additional charges in the form of a shuttle service or a long carry charge. By advising Shur-Way of this, we can make arrangements to accommodate your move (i.e. smaller trucks). This will ensure your move will be performed as estimated.
  9. On long distance moves, a cashier’s check is required at the time of delivery. This check must be given to the driver before the truck will be unloaded.