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Helpful Hints

helpful hints for a successful move

Items to Know Before You Move

  1. All boxes should be taped top and bottom. Please be sure that you place at least 2-3 strips of wide clear tape on both top and bottom. If you overload the boxes the bottom could fall out while we are carrying them to the truck.
  2. We cannot move aerosol cans, matches, liquids or other flammables. These items are your responsibility on both local and long distance moves. Transporting liquids can cause serious problems for your move because there is always a possibility of those liquids leaking out of your box and spilling onto your household goods, and we would like to avoid this possibility at all costs.
  3. All pictures, mirrors, marble and glass tabletops, lamps and lampshades should be carefully packed and labeled. Or, if you prefer, you can move these items yourself. If you would like Shur-Way to pack these items for you, please let us know in advance so we can complete this important job the day before your move.
  4. Large dressers and armoires should be emptied before the movers arrive. Please discuss this with your estimator. It is typically faster to move an empty dresser and a couple of boxes of clothes than to move a full dresser.
  5. Young children, cats, dogs or other pets should not be at home the day of your move if at all possible. Shur-Way movers work at a cautious but fast pace and do not want anyone to get hurt during your move.
  6. Fragile and valuable items should be packed away in boxes and placed in a corner of a room. Be sure to mark these boxes “FRAGILE.” Point them out to Shur-Way movers.
  7. Hallways and walkways should be left clear so Shur-Way movers can have free access to your house.
  8. Disconnect all TVs, stereos, washers and dryers, refrigerators, freezers, water lines, etc., before Shur-Way arrives. If needed, Shur-Way can arrange for these items to be disassembled and reassembled.
  9. Use moving boxes whenever possible. Your move can take longer than the estimate if you use too many small boxes. The amount of trips we make to the truck, is directly responsible for the time length of the move.
  10. Mark all your boxes, clearly identifying which room or location the boxes are to go in at your new home. Marking your boxes on at least 2 sides will help expedite your move into the new home.
  11. Someone should be at your new home with a floor plan showing where your furniture and boxes should go. This will help speed up your move, reducing the possibility of your move exceeding the estimate. Having a designated spot in each room for boxes will ensure that you do not pay us to move them twice.  Knowing where your furniture and boxes go; truly helps you save money on local moves.
  12. Clearly mark all boxes and furnishings planned for a partial move. This will make for a more efficient and cost-effective move. If you have a move where items are going in different directions, use colored stickers to identify where they are going.
  13. Remove all items from your attic, rafters and crawl space before Shur-Way movers arrive. If desired, Shur-Way movers can remove these items for you.
  14. Empty coals and ashes from your barbecue grill. Also drain fuel from gas containers, lawnmowers, snow blowers, edge trimmers, etc.
  15. Clear all sidewalks and driveways of snow and ice before Shur-Way movers arrive. As a courtesy, please leave a pitcher of water and glasses for the movers, especially during a warm summer move. Using salt is a good idea, however try to minimize the amount you use to avoid salt being brought into the home during the move.
  16. Let our office know in advance of any changes in your plans. This will allow us to make any adjustments without undue inconvenience and cost to you. We can accommodate any move, however during peak season (April-Sept), please try to allow 2 weeks lead time to get on the schedule.  Off peak season is October –March. During this time of the year 1 week should be enough time.
  17. All pressed wood pieces of furniture will not be covered under the Customer Protection Plan unless they are taken apart. This type of furniture is not designed to be moved assembled.

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